Microbial water testing within 2 hrs outside the lab
Enhance your water quality monitoring with Udetect mobile qPCR for fast, accurate and easy monitoring of waterborne bacteria. Test for E.coli, Legionella, Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and more on the spot using DNA detection technology for superior identification and quantification. Udetect is suitable for operators and samplers, no laboratory needed.


It takes less than 2 hours to get actionable quantitative data on multiple waterborne bacteria. No lengthy incubations or complicated sample logistics needed.

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Udetect is compact and light. Take it with you in a backpack into the field. Or take filtered samples to a central location, such as an office or hotel, to analyse at your own convenience. No cold chain needed.



In just three steps multiple bacteria are detected and quantified: water filtration, DNA isolation and qPCR analysis. Reagents are stored and used at ambient temperatures. No prior lab experience is needed.

"Udetect is a big leap forward, because it is now possible to generate data on microbial water quality quickly and accurately even in places that are difficult to reach or don't have the proper infrastructure"
Marc van Bemmel
CEO Orvion

Cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) in fresh water systems, are microorganisms with the potential to produce harmful algal blooms (HABs). Such harmful blooms cause environmental problems, disrupt drinking water supplies, recreational activities (swimming, fishing, boating) and water-dependent industries, and pose a risk to livestock, wildlife and human health. Udetect can be used for early detection of toxin producing cyanobacteria to help prevent cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cyanoHAB) from occurring in water bodies.

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As the newest application of Orvion Udetect®, monitor of COVID-19 in sewage water is now possible. Data on the status of the pandemic in a specific area can be provided within 2 hours and in an easy way. The fast-obtained results can help with the early adaptation of social instructions to avoid further spread of the virus, the status of the pandemic in certain areas, or to track the efficiency of the vaccination campaign. Because Udetect is mobile, it can be applied on many sites, also in remote areas and outside the laboratory.

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E.coli test kits and faecal indicator package

Orvion Udetect® offers E. coli test kits for detection of faecal contamination in water such as drinking water and bathing water. The E. coli test kit can be combined with kits for Bacteroides dorei and Enterococcus to monitor additional faecal indicators in one go. We compared Orvion Udetect® with the laboratory qPCR method. The detection limit of Orvion Udetect® is low compared to the conventional culturing laboratory analysis and clearly differentiates
between different concentrations of sewage. E. coli test kit page >

E. coli analysis QPCR test
Different concentrations of raw sewage were added to a surface water sample following a five-fold dilution series (20-0.032% sewage). Each sample was analysed by Udetect (mobile qPCR), a lab-based qPCR method and a conventional culturing method. The highest concentrations of sewage were not quantifiable by culturing, results were reported as >10.000 cfu/ml.

Several species of Legionella can cause serious illness such as Legionnaires disease. Testing for Legionella spp. as well as for pathogenic Legionella pneumophila and Legionella pneumophila sero type 1 gives you complete insight in your water quality. Udetect enables you to test for these pathogenic bacteria within 2 hours next to a sampling point, enabling source tracking and remedial action on the spot. Legionella test kit page >

Water quality monitoring

Udetect offers a wide range of water quality test kits. For fast and on-site detection of bacteria in bathing water, waste-water and soil remediation. Water quality test kits page  >

E. coli analysis test kit


Udetect is developed by Orvion, an environmental biotechnology company founded in 2013 and located near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We analyse hundreds of environmental water samples every year. Samples from drinking water plants, wastewater treatment plants, contaminated groundwater and surface water. DNA extraction and the development of new bacterial analyses are developed in the Orvion lab. We used our experience and expertise from the lab, took it to the field and made it work. Contact us for more information.


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