On-site E. coli analysis and other faecal indicators

E. coli is an important indicator for faecal contamination of water. Getting results with a laboratory analysis can take several days. With the Orvion Udetect® E. coli water test kit, you sample and analyse on-site. It takes less than 2 hours to quantify the amount of E. coli in your sample. The E. coli test kit analyses the DNA in the water sample with qPCR. Quantification is fast, reliable and accurate.

Mobile qPCR for monitoring purposes

The qPCR technology of Orvion Udetect® is suitable for E. coli monitoring for research purposes. We compared the performance of Orvion Udetect® with a laboratory based qPCR analysis and a conventional culturing analysis. It shows that Orvion Udetect® compares well to the laboratory qPCR method. The detection limit of Orvion Udetect® is low compared to the conventional culturing laboratory analysis and clearly differentiates between different concentrations of sewage.

E. coli analysis QPCR test
Different concentrations of raw sewage were added to a surface water sample following a five-fold dilution series (20-0.032% sewage). Each sample was analysed by Udetect (mobile qPCR), a lab-based qPCR method and a conventional culturing method. The highest concentrations of sewage were not quantifiable by culturing, results were reported as >10.000 cfu/ml.
water E. coli analysis testing
Faecal indicator package

E. coli water quality monitoring can easily be combined with our other test kits for faecal indicators such as Enterococcus, Bacteroides dorei and Campylobacter. Analyse and enumerate these important faecal indicators in one water sample within 2 hours.

We found the sample collection step of Udetect easy, and the absence of a thermal incubation step makes the whole method very fast. The analysis takes less than 1 hour”.  

Bacelar Muneme of WeConsult after having analysed over 600 water samples in the field with Udetect.