How water quality testing works
Water quality testing with Orvion Udetect® is performed in three steps. No laboratory or cooling of chemicals is needed. Udetect can be performed by samplers and operators after a short on-line training. The first step is filtration of the water sample. The second step is isolation of the DNA. The last step is performing the qPCR analysis to quantify the bacteria.  The process can be performed on site, within 2 hours. You do not need electricity; only for the analysis you need a car battery or mains plug.
Filtration of the watersample

In the first step, water from the tap, a groundwater well or surface water is collected in a sterile water bag for the water quality testing. A quantity of 100 to 300 ml is sufficient. The water is pumped through a filter by means of a (manual) pump. In the filter the bacteria are collected and preserved. If desired, the filter can be kept for a longer period of time to complete the water analysis in, for example, a hotel or office. Cooling of the filter material is not required.

DNA isolation

In the second step, the DNA from the bacterial cells is released, concentrated, purified and ready for addition to the target tubes in the next step. Each bacterium (species) has its own target tube. For example, there are three target tubes for Legionella water testing. One for Legionella spp, one for Legionella pneumophila and one for Legionella pneumophila sero type 1. The target tubes are placed in the qPCR machine for the last step. With one DNA extract you can perform analysis on up to 15 different targets in one run.

Quantification of bacteria with the Udetect thermocycler

When the desired target tubes are placed in the Udetect thermocycler, you close the lid and the measurement starts automatically. No further actions are required. Orvion Udetect® is supplied with a holder and power connection for the car battery. During analysis, you can drive to the next location while the machine does its work.  When the measurement is finished, you read out the data using a USB stick and the computer calculates the number of bacteria per ml in your water sample.

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