Legionella analysis within 2 hrs
Rapid Legionella detection by analysing on the spot. Orvion Udetect® allows you to sample, analyse and react within 2 hours. Use our Legionella test kit to enumerate the number of Legionella per ml in your water sample. Analyse additionally for pathogenic Legionella pneumophila serotypes in one go. For Legionella water monitoring in hospitals, care facilities, swimming pools and cooling towers.
Tracking the source of a Legionella contamination

When facing a Legionella outbreak, finding the source of contamination is important. Orvion Udetect® allows you to sample and filter multiple water samples instantly, next to the water’s edge or water tap. Or collect samples and analyse in an office nearby. Interpret data on site and track the source of contamination. Udetect is a valuable addition to mandatory Legionella testing to gain faster and more accurate insight. Use Orvion Udetect® for research purposes (not for diagnostic procedures).

Analyse for specific pneumophila serotypes

Legionella spp. are a large group of bacteria and can cause serious illness. Over 90% of Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac Fever is caused by Legionella pneumophila. Legionella pneumophila sero type 1 is the most common pathogenic type of all Legionella species. Orvion Udetect® allows you to perform Legionella water monitoring, analysing for Legionella spp, Legionella pneumophila and Legionella pneumophila sero typ 1 all at once.

Legionella testkit
E. coli analysis test kit
Combine with other pathogens

The sampling and analysing protocol is suitable for detection of multiple bacteria in one go. The legionella test kit can be easily combined with the Enterococcus test kit, the Bacteroides Dorei test kit and the E. coli water analysis. Making it possible to analyse three or more bacteria in one water sample within 2 hours.

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