Udetect news

In June 2021, the detection of COVID-19 in sewage water from Kenya, Kisumu and Nakuru, started. In collaboration with local and international institutions, it would be possible to monitor the status of the pandemic in an easy, fast, and affordable way. This will provide the possibility to adapt current social measures following the number of infections.

In the summer of 2020, 14 designated bathing sites in the Netherlands (fresh and marine) are monitored in the field using Udetect. In this TKI project, Deltares, KWR, Dutch waterboards and their laboratories analyse bathing water on E. Coli, toxic cyanobacteria and Leptospirosa.

From 2018 to 2020, WeConsult succesfully analysed over 600 watersamples in the region of Tete, Mozambique. Samples from ponds, water wells and drinking water taps were analyzed on E. coli, Bacteroides Dorei and  Salmonella. The results are visualized in an interactive map and reported to local authorities.

On June 16th  2020, Isle Utilities hosted a Technology Approval Group webinar for Drinking Water companies in Europe. The goal of this meeting is bringing innovative technology, end-users and investors together and bringing new technologies to practise.  Udetect was selected for the webinar, with over 65 participants from European drinking water companies throughout Europe.