Use cases

Rapid on-site water quality monitoring with Orvion Udetect® is used optimally when there is no laboratory nearby. When there is no possibility for (cooled) transport of water samples and when it is not possible to wait for days for an analysis result. Or in the situation that immediate action needs to be taken, for example in case of Legionella outbreak. Read more about use cases here. Also, Udetect is a great way for small laboratories or researchers to get the versatility and quality of qPCR without the need to invest in an expensive lab and lab technicians.    

"Udetect is a big leap forward, because it is now possible to generate data on microbial water quality quickly and accurately even in places that are difficult to reach or don't have the proper infrastructure"
Marc van Bemmel
CEO Orvion
Water safety monitoring and source tracking

Water in buildings and in industrial cooling are a potential source of contamination. A warm (indoor) climate causes unwanted bacterial growth in water. Measurements on shower taps, washbasin taps and cooling systems are often part of a mandatory monitoring programme. In case of contamination, it is important to quickly find the source of the contamination. Waiting one or more days for a laboratory analysis is undesirable. Udetect enables fast identification and quantification of Legionella on right next to the water tap or cooling system. We provide three Legionella analyses for three targets: Legionellas spp (broad analysis on bacteria of the genus Legionella spp), Legionella pneumophila and  Legionella pneumophila serotype I (the most pathogenic Legionella strain). With Udetect, you can analyse all three targets in the same water quality monitoring sample, in one Udetect run.

Drinking water quality

How do you know if water is safe to drink, when there is no laboratory nearby and speed is of the essence? The microbial quality of drinking water is often determined by measuring E. coli. But there are also other pathogens that determine drinking water quality, such as Bacteroides Dorei and Enterococcus.  Udetect precisely and quickly analyses the microbial quality of drinking water on site. The qPCR technology makes it possible to measure up to 15 species within 2 hours in the same sample. We develop new bacterial targets at request, contact us for more information.

Drinking water quality
qpcr water quality testing
water quality testing
Protecting water wells and monitoring purification process

When producing drinking water, protecting water sources, the effectiveness of water treatment and maintaining water quality during transport is of the utmost importance. When a drinking water source is contaminated, speed of action is required. Not only to disconnect a source in time. But also to put it back into use as soon as the contamination is over. An on-site measurement of Udetect on E. coli, Salmonella or Campylobacter offers speed and precision when you need it. The mobile DNA measurement also enables you to measure and quantify the effectiveness of a (remote) drinking water purification system. Monitoring with Udetect quantifies which numbers of E. coli or Campylobacter enter the purification system, how the numbers decrease in the process and how water quality develops during transport.

Swimming water event

There you are, on the edge of the water. Are you going in or not? And what do the other swimmers do? What is the water quality? Has there been a sewage overflow, are there poop bacteria in the water? These questions play a role at a swimming event. If you send a water sample to the lab for a conventional analysis, you will have the results one or two days later. Or you know the quality of yesterday or the day before yesterday. At swimming events, you can measure the microbial water quality with Udetect right before the start. So that the organisation of the event can decide: Are we going in or not? 

Swimming water quality

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